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How to Rescue Your Scratched Eyeglasses

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I remember the day I sat down at the optometrist’s table to order that particular pair of eyeglasses. I got every bell and whistle on those lenses except for what turned out to be the most important one–the scratch-resistant coating. Oops. I soon discovered that even what seemed to be the softest, safest cloth for wiping them might as well have been sandpaper. Though you can’t remove scratches like that, you can improve them in a Frugular way. Take a small amount of furniture polish (any brand will do) and apply it to each scratch–or, in my case, the entirety of both lenses. Rub the polish in with a lens-safe cloth and repeat as necessary, maybe after every other thorough eyeglass cleaning. Your scratches will be far less noticeable, and as long as your prescription holds, you can get years more wear out of your specs.

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Can a Tennis Ball Save Your Pillow?

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Have you ever put a pillow in the dryer and had it come out a misshapen mass that you couldn’t rest your head on without needing serious chiropractic care? I had it happen a few times and began to worry there wasn’t a way to ever have a washed pillow come out in its original shape. I thought (especially with a young child), it might be better just to buy the cheapest IKEA pillow you could and say goodbye when it got dirty or squashy. Not the most Frugular approach. But then I read somewhere that a few tennis balls might do the trick, and boy do they. I use three for a single pillow and it comes out nice and fluffy. Invest in a can, if you don’t already have some on hand, and you’ll stretch your pillow dollars a lot further.

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Cheap iPad Holder

A book holder makes a Frugular iPad stand.

Although I’ve got a Clamcase for my iPad on the way (review upcoming), in the meantime, I’ve been desperate for something to prop my ‘pad up with, for cooking and watching video. While using a recipe on it a few days ago, I realized that what works for a cookbook might work just as well in this case. Voila! I popped it in and it worked like a charm. The metal bar in the front of mine obstructs the view when watching movies just a bit, but if you have a lucite book holder, you’d be in business.

For those who worry about splattering their iPad during kitchen duty, try covering it in a freezer bag. You’ll protect your precious pad without impeding  screen sensitivity.

What’s your Frugular fix?

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